Edinburgh Castle on Flickr.

Found this nicely designed bottle of nihonshu in my local supermarket.

Latest branding work, full project can be found here on Behance.

I love this time of the year, can’t beat cherry blossom season in Japan!

I keep spotting this cat and pyramid around Tokyo, great illustration!

King Kong Vs Godzilla (1962) Japanese Movie Poster

Spotted this in Mandarake in the Nakano Broadway, a shopping mall full of this kind of stuff, you can get lost in there!!!

My #Workdesk geekery, #vault-tec bobblehead and Mario #thwomp

Got some new #citadel #technical paints, these are really great, saves loads of time from layering.

Cool #pufferfish logo #fugu #blowfish

Highlands on Flickr.